I’m currently a Bioinformatics Scientist at NVIDIA, working on accelerated genomics projects. I completed my PhD with Richard Durbin and Stephen Chanock, split between the National Cancer Institute and the University of Cambridge as part of the NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program. Previously I was at the Texas Advanced Computing Center and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

I’m interested in a broad range of topics in genomics (particularly graph genomes and structural variants), high-performance / cloud computing, algorithms, and cancer biology. In my free time I cook, ride bikes, brew coffee, and explore the planet.

Publications and Code

All of my publications are indexed on Google Scholar.

You can find all of my code on Github.

If you want to chat, the best way to reach me is on Twitter at @erictdawson. I’m pretty good at responding and I’d be happy to chat about science there!

If Twitter won’t do, try the Contact page.